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Livin' the Paper Life

Creatures of Lead and Words

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For those livin' and makin' the paper life.

Every week we will have a new theme, and your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to design character(s) (either in words or in art) pertaining to that theme.

You know you wanna join.

This is a place to brainstorm, and to help keep those creative sauces simmering.


The rules are simple:
1. All Images behind LJ cuts, all large blocks of text behind LJ cuts.
2. For now, the writers will have to work in a more free form way, maybe 1 or 2 paragraphs per character (more is always welcome) detailing your character concept in the best way possible. My highschool terminology is lacking, but I do believe its called a character sketch? Its funny, the artists will also be doing those.
3. Those posting visual art will obviously be focusing on how thier character looks as opposed to a written description. A name and a one sentence blurb will do the trick, though more, of course, is always welcome.
4. Posting on a theme is optional, you can post more then one drawing/character write up, or you can skip it all together, its just for fun and for tossing your brain at a genre/style you may never have tried before. I hope most of you will be participating in the weekly themes.
5. Posting non-theme material is very much allowed, just as long as its all behind LJ-Cuts to cut down on the clutter. Old characters, random ideas, whatever are all part of what this community is about.